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JMS Education and Training Inc. is an SBA certified small business that is committed to providing top-quality education, technical training, and workforce development solutions. The company's mission is based on three core values: trust, purpose, and passion. JMS is dedicated to bridging the gap between what has worked in the past and what needs to change in the future, and empowering individuals to change their lives for the better.

JMS Education and Training, bringing over 20 years of combined experience in admissions, career training, and advanced education to the company. Driven by their shared purpose and passion, they are committed to propelling their clients towards the future they deserve. JMS Education and Training operates under a clear understanding of the "Why" and "How" of what they do, recognizing the importance of these principles.

JMS Education and Training is committed to providing innovative and groundbreaking approaches to advanced education, career technical training, and workforce development. They recognize that as the world changes, so too should their strategies and tactics, and are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of their industry.

Trust is at the core of JMS Education and Training, and the company is passionate about its mission. They are committed to helping individuals find their purpose, realizing their full potential, and reaching for their dreams. JMS Education and Training is a company dedicated to individuals, providing solutions that are tailored to meet their unique needs and aspirations. If you believe that “I am meant for more”, JMS Education and Training can help you realize your potential and achieve your goals.

JMS Education and Training,

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Denver, Colorado, USA

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